If you’ve ever borrowed a book from my library, you know that I am very serious about documenting my favourite parts of a novel. 50% of the time, I underline something that made me laugh. The other 50% of the time it is something that struck me as (what Oprah would call) an “aha moment”.

These moments are hard to explain (and subjective) but for me they are almost always found in the simplest of things. They are honest, unapologetic and totally uncomplicated but explain something complex.

Finding (and somehow attempting to convey) “aha moments” is what interested me in this project. I have always been fascinated by the truth that can be found in places we overlook; the beauty we write off because it’s incased in something we think is boring, confining or old-fashioned.

That is what I hope to find (and help to create). I am looking forward to all the different perspectives that will emerge from the workshop process and the stories/characters that will follow! Thank you to Oprah– a source of constant inspiration.

Sarah-360  Sarah

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