Sometimes it seems as though I can feel EVERYTHING, like I can feel everything that each individual person in the world is feeling in that moment. This wave comes over me, and all of a sudden I am hit with incomprehensible joy and overwhelming sadness at the exact same time, because I can sense that there is so much of both on this planet.

Maybe I sound crazy, or dramatic. Or… maybe it’s possible to experience someone else’s bliss or heartache, even when you’ve never met that someone.

I love people. I love their stories and I love learning about what really makes them tick. I love when someone is real. When you get to experience a piece of them that is unaltered and completely honest. Those moments are fleeting and so subtle, but those are the moments that I remember. Those are the moments that keep me up at night. You can create so much from the tiniest shred of honesty in a person. Those moments are what connect us – what bind us together in an otherwise distracting and superficial world.

THAT is why I am excited to be a part of this project. I believe the best stories told are the ones that capture those subtle, sincere moments – that grab you by the gut and, in an instant, flood you with exactly what that person is feeling in that moment.

Hannah  Hannah

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