Happy Tuesday Party People!

Last week I managed to forget one of my all-time favourite artists… so here we go again: this blog is brought to you by J and J is for the Godmother of Punk and Queen of Rock n’ Roll… JOAN JETT.


If you want to learn a little more about how Joan Jett came to be, I suggest checking out The Runaways (2010) a film that navigates the early years of Jett’s all-female rock band of the same name in the 70’s. After The Runaways disbanded, Jett moved to the UK to pursue a solo career and there met producer and songwriter Kenny Laguna. Together (with the help of the college fund Laguna had set up for his daughter) they started the Blackheart Records label, and from there Jett formed her band, The Blackhearts.

Enjoy a music break here:

Thanks for tuning in!


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