This may be too much too soon for this blog, but it’s time. Let’s Talk about Beyonce.

Beyonce, for me, is the definition of motivation. It’s important to distinguish between motivation and inspiration. In writing these posts, I’ve discovered they really are different. Take a moment to think about the two.

That’s right. Beyonce is special because she is both inspirational AND motivating! A double hitter. I would expect nothing less from the Queen herself.

There are many reasons why she is an inspiration, but this post is called Monday Motivation, so if you want inspiration you should go some where else (like to the nearest TV to watch “Life is but a Dream” the Beyonce documentary. Super inspiring). As for motivation, I don’t even know how I can begin to touch on the ways this lady motivates. I mean, in theory this post could just be a bunch of links to her songs. I dare you to listen to “Who Run the World” and NOT get off your butt and do SOMETHING! Seriously guys, you can’t sit and passively listen to Beyonce. There is something so powerful about her music. She demands action in her voice.

There’s a little saying that floats around instagram accounts and sits on coffee mugs that says “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce” which I like to look at a couple times a week when I’m feeling sluggish. Seeing those words makes me feel like I could be the next Beyonce if I really tried hard enough. A girl can dream, right?

Below I have complied a list of songs that you can listen to to help get you motivated for different situations you may find yourself in today, or any day. They will help. Trust in the power of Beyonce to get you through anything.

Asking you boss for a raise (you know you’ve earned it): Who Run the World
Breaking up with your boyfriend (You really deserve better): Single Ladies
Killing your morning work out (This is totally not worth it): Survivor
Calling in sick to work (Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend): Diva
Cleaning the house (Bey will make this fun) : 7/11
Asking out a cute guy (Damn Daniel) : Drunk in Love

Remember, you really do have as many hours in the day as Beyonce. Don’t let them go to waste.





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