The Bloom Bursary

The Bloom Bursary is an annual bursary awarded by Sonderlust to support Canadian womxn who make their own.

Every year, a committee will award The Bloom Bursary to one Canadian woman who creatively works to carve out space for herself and others.

Sonderlust’s definition of woman is inclusive. Gender non-conforming folk may also apply. There is no age restriction on eligibility, and the award is not industry-specific. Applicants may apply to receive the Bloom Bursary for themselves or may nominate an individual they know.

The Bloom Bursary is made possible by The Saol Project, a small-scale flower farm and floral design studio located  near Guelph, Ontario. The Saol Project upholds its dedication to community and collaboration by donating 30% of its annual profits to various charities and non-profit organizations in the region.

Our inaugural Bloom Bursary is $750.

To apply to receive this award, or to nominate someone you know, please answer the corresponding question via the form below. Submissions close Friday, February 28th!

The recipient will be announced on International Women’s Day: March 8th 2020.

If you have any questions, or if you/your company would like to contribute to this year’s Bloom Bursary and increase the amount we are able to provide the recipient, please contact Nicole Smith (

Additional bursary backers currently include:
Chatworthy Digital Marketing
Lindsey Thompson
CJ Lopez

For those applying as recipient:

What are you making? (Building? Growing? Changing? Sustaining? Creating? Dreaming of doing?) How? Why?

For those nominating others:

Who is the individual you’re nominating? How does the individual you’re nominating make her/their own? How will the Bloom Bursary aid them in their process?

Thank you to everyone who applied/nominated! Submissions are now closed. Recipient will be announced Sunday March 8th.