Oh what a Glory -ous day!

For the first time in 7 years the (in)famous Britney Spears took the stage at the VMA’s last night. Back in 2007 she performed and was basically booed into hiding. To have the guts to go up and perform once again is pretty inspiring, if you ask me. I know when you think about Britney Spears you probably don’t think of any thing of much substance, and to be honest, a lot of the time when she speaks it is pretty vapid. But that doesn’t change the fact that by going on stage last night, she did something everyone in this world often avoids: Facing our fears, our haters and our own self doubt. Heck, even Britney herself has admitted leading up to the performance that she was nervous. Quite frankly, she had every reason to be nervous.

For most of Britney’s post 2007 life, the focus has been cast primarily on her failures. Even before last night’s performance so many articles rehashed her last “comeback” performance, rather than looking at all the work she has put in leading up to last night. For every story I read about the success of Britney’s Vegas residency, I read 5 more about her past mental breakdowns, or how her “mom” body isn’t good enough to fit into the costumes she used to wear or about how she has no talent period. If those are your opinions, you are entitled to them, but what you aren’t entitled to is tearing someone down. Someone who is only trying her best to climb back up.

Behind closed doors, I have no idea how Ms. Spears lives her life, or how she feels about all of the stories being told. All I know is what I can see, and that’s not the sad portrait of a young mom going through a divorce, her career falling apart and going in and out of rehab. It’s a strong single mom who has two healthy young boys, who works hard to provide for her family in the way she always has and who isn’t allowing the negativity silence her.

Britney has released a lot of albums, and some of them have not been great. It sometimes feels like she is trying to stay on pace with what she was when she was 16, and that’s not easy for anyone. But she tries, and even when she fails she dusts herself off and tries again. This newest album, “Glory” is definitely one of her best ones in a long time and has been met with a lot more positivity than she has become accustom to. Last night’s VMAs are no different. Though the performance wasn’t a massive spectacle like she used to put on, it was still good. She proved the people doubting her wrong and gave a clean and simple performance. She didn’t need any of the bells and whistles that she has used before, she just needed to go on stage and do what she does best. Perform the way she wants, and sing the songs she wants.

Is Britney a musical legend like Beyonce, probably not. But I think she knows that and doesn’t feel the need to compete or be something she isn’t. For anyone who has a problem with that, well that’s your prerogative, and this is Britney’s.



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