Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great long weekend last week. The spirits of October told me to take the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving, and that is why there was nothing last Monday. I know you were all eagerly awaiting this post, new notebooks in hand, ready to start. For those of you who weren’t ready though, I hope the extra week gave you enough time to get pumped and set for today!

Last time we talked about what a Bullet Journal is, and this time we’re going to talk about how to use one. Then next week I’ll get into some of the fun things you can do to personalize your book! Guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting super excited! My goal with this is to make something that’s really simple to follow, since I had a hard time finding that when I started. So I’ve broken things down into 5 steps for starting out, and cut out all the nonsense that over complicates something that’s meant to do the opposite for your life!

The Bullets: The term ‘bullet journal” comes from the fact that this type of note taking makes use of different symbols to keep track of different kinds of notes. There’s a bullet for events, tasks, notes, etc. Using these symbols will keep a cohesive tracking system through your entire book. Make a legend at the front of your book for reference while you’re getting started.


These are the basic bullets, but you can add any other symbols that may be relevant to you.

The Index: This is another simple step made to sound complicated online. It’s exactly what you would think it is. Number your pages, and create an index in the front of your book. As you add more pages, add them to the index. If one of your pages picks back up later on in the book, add that page number next to the item on the index. If there are any pages that aren’t super important or that you don’t go to frequently, you don’t have to include them in the index. Easy peasy.


The future log: This is a staple in all bullet journals. It’s meant to be a snapshot of the next few months of your life. I find 12 months too much to look at, so I made a calendar for the next 4 months. And let me just be clear here, a “future log” is just a fancy word for a calendar. It’s really not anything to get scared about!


This calendar is just for the big picture events and notes in your life, like birthdays, vacations, etc. Continue to use the bullet system you’ve created before to mark down events and dates so you know what’s what!

The Monthly Calendar: The next pages you will want to set up are your monthly calendar and monthly TO-DO list. This is just like before, but more focused. The calendar is where you can put all the little dates and appointments you have going on, just like a planner. And the to-do section is where you will continuously jot down what you need to accomplish that month, using the bullet system you have in place (are you starting to see why it’s called a bullet journal?).


The Daily Log: Finally you have your daily log. Once again, you’re getting even more specific with this one. Each day write out the date and what you need to do that day. Not only that, but this is a good place to make notes of anything that went on that day that you want to remember or get off you chest (like in a diary, but short form). Examples include, “made the perfect pie today” or “evil ex is trying to ruin my life again.”


Honestly, it’s really simple, and I want so badly for everyone to be able to utilize this system. So, if you are reading this and want to try this out, please don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions!

Next week is going to be lots of fun, and we’re going to get to personalizing this bad boy! Get your coloured markers and stickers ready!

Until next time!

Lara-360 Lara


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