Happy October, everyone! Is it just me, or is it feeling spooky around here?!

The spirits of October came to me last night to tell me that there are FIVE Mondays this month. FIVE! The spirits also told me that five is far too many times to write about all my favorite characters on Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m taking a little break. For the next 3 weeks (4 if I can’t be succinct) I’m going to stray from the beaten path a bit to tell you about a new system I’ve put into my life. You may have never heard the term before, or like me found it randomly and were super confused. Either way, I found that when I tried to employ this system it was really difficult to find simple “how to” guides. To cut to the chase, I’m talking about Bullet Journaling.

As someone who loves to make lists, calendars, notes, etc I was intrigued. Unfortunately when I went to the website (http://bulletjournal.com/), I was super overwhelmed and confused. I couldn’t make out where to start, and a lot of the jargon left me scratching my head. Terms like rapid logging, future log, and migrated notes were not creating a clear picture of what this bullet journal thing was all about.

I spent a lot of time looking at the website, blogger’s tutorials, the instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/bulletjournaljunkies/), and it took me an entire day to get a solid handle on what the heck I was doing.
Now that I understand the ways of the bullet journal, I’m completely hooked, and feel like all the squiggly thoughts in my head have a safe place to stay in my beautifully organized book (and yes, I am implying that the inside of my head is not a safe place for a thought to stay).

So while the spirits allow me, I want to shake things up a little and spend the next few weeks laying out a very simple user friendly guide to Bullet Journaling. It’s way too amazing to be so inaccessible to newbies like me. If you want your life changed, and you want to journal your way to success, then I hope you will follow along. And when we’re finished this journey into the world of journaling, we will find ourselves at the end of October, and at all Hallow’s Eve, where I will regale you with tales of ghosts and frights. But only if the October spirits are nourished well with Facebook likes and shares…OOOoooOOooOOOooooooo.

So dear readers, to tickle you interest ever so slightly, I will leave you with this description of what the heck a bullet journal actually is:

A bullet journal is a completely customizable system for keeping things like to-do lists, calendars, diary entries, random thoughts, drawings, goal-setting/tracking etc.

It really is anything you want it to be. Which is why it’s so confusing to figure out how to start.

It can be overwhelming because it’s not just a simple planner, or diary to write about boys — it’s both, and more!

There is a system for keeping track of what each page is, and what is finished, not started, or cancelled. The best part, of course, is that you get to pick out a beautiful journal to create your new world. Next week we will dive into how to start. So, if you want to join me, this is what you need to begin:

A notebook/journal. Something with grid dots rather than lines is easiest for customization. Also think about size. You want it big enough that it’s accessible, but not so big it’s cumbersome to take around with you.

Colourful pens. This isn’t necessary, but it’s more fun when you use pretty colours and colour code things.

That’s it!

The spirits of October are summoning me, so I must go. They are also asking me if I will continue to reference them for the entire month. The answer is probably.

I can’t wait to share this with y’all. I promise it’s life changing!

Until next time, happy October, and happy journaling!

Lara-360 Lara

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