We want to hear from you!

Here it is, folks! We teased you last month, but we are officially on the lookout for participants for our next project.

Sonderlust is proud to begin work on This Place I Call Home (TPICH) — a multidisciplinary piece of theatre inspired by… you?

We’re looking for 7 women who are strangers to each other (zero theatre experience necessary) to take part in the first stage of TPICH’s development: 4 weekly meetings, during which we all chat about home and eat a bunch of food.

Are you a female-identified human from the Waterloo Region or surrounding areas? Do you live alone? Do you have a million children? Do you have a million dollars? Have you ever been homeless? Are you from another country? Are you differently abled? Are you a nomad? Have you never moved house?

Where do you live?

How do you take up space?

The only pre-requisites you need to participate in phase one of this project are interest & availability.

Meetings will run from 6pm-9pm on:

Tuesday, July 4th
Tuesday, July 11th
Tuesday, July 18th
Tuesday, July 25th

Each conversation will centre on a different room of the house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet), and your collective stories will inspire this exciting new work.

TPICH will be an immersive theatrical experience, created by Hannah Briggs (choreographer), Sarah Dennison (designer) and Nicole Smith (director). Development of This Place I Call Home has been generously funded by The Ontario Arts Council, Canadian Stage and Pat the Dog Theatre Creation.

For more information or to get involved, contact us! We’d very much love to hear from you.

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