Excitement has been buzzing through my house this week! Today we’re celebrating a pretty special little guy’s first birthday! For those who don’t already know, Geoff (my boyfriend) and I adopted a puppy last November. Well, this Wednesday our little pup turns one! Before getting too much further into this post, I want to give y’all a heads up that I am kind of low-key obsessed with my dog, and think anything and every thing he does is worth commenting on.

Rescuing Cooper in November was the best decision I’ve made in possibly my whole life. Before getting Coop things were rough for me. I was struggling with health issues, family trauma, and death. I was a living symbol of “when it rains it pours.” Getting Cooper didn’t make all these issues magically disappear. After-all he is a dog, not a magician or registered therapist. But he did relieve some of the gravity that came with each obstacle I crossed.

I’ve always wanted a dog, but was waiting for “the right time”. Which in retrospect is a silly way to live your life. Is there ever a right time for anything? The day we went to meet Coop and sign the papers to take him back home was terrifying. Not only was I questioning the whole drive up, “is this right? Are we making a mistake? Can we do this?”, but I also had a boyfriend in the passenger seat who was still not convinced on the whole “lets get a dog, it’ll be great!” idea. All of that changed within seconds of holding little Cooper the first time (Who’s name was Frankie back then). Geoff became secretly infatuated, and I became immediately less on edge about life.

The beginning wasn’t all cute puppy dog eyes and fluffy cuddles. After the first few days I was so tired, and worried that I would never have a full nights sleep again, or be able to have a bath without a tiny animal trying to hop in with me. Despite any worries, or tough training days, having a little puppy really does make it hard to stay negative for long. I still find myself laughing at all the dumb things he decides to do, or smiling like a mad woman when he wakes up from a nap and stretches. Its so cute guys!

Getting Cooper did to my life exactly what I wanted it to do. Geoff argues that it wasn’t all Cooper, it was me deciding to change how I lived my life once we got a dog. I think both are a little bit true.

Having a dog forces me to be an active participant in my life. There’s no such thing as time off with a dog. Especially a young energetic one like Coop. Sometimes I feel annoyed because I just want to sit and watch another episode of Law & Order: SVU, but Cooper is done waiting around for me to see what Olivia Benson will do next. And as much as I gripe about it while I’m getting off my butt and putting on my shoes, as soon as I get up and outside with him I feel rejuvenated and energized.

He’s become my best little buddy, and I love him so much. It’s hard not to smile when I look at him or think about him. Even when I’m having a really hard day. I know he’s a dog, and a boy dog at that, but he’s special enough to me that he gets a blog post dedicated to him today. He’s my motivation on Monday, Tuesday, and every other day of the week. Without him I’m not sure what kind of mess I would be after the storm my life went through recently. I don’t think I would sleep through the night when Geoff is out of town, because I would feel unsafe alone. I don’t think I would be half as sane as I am after stressful days. I don’t think I would be getting off my couch ever.

So, for all the stress he can create (he found and ate a bread tag once, and basically almost died and needed emergency $urgery…) and for all the holes he’s recently started digging in the lawn, I wouldn’t change a thing. There are more ups than downs, and way more smiles than frowns when he’s around.

Geoff likes to sing songs about Cooper all. The. Time. The last week or so he’s been singing a song with lyrics:

Every-body’s gonna COOP the world!
Every body’s gonna COOP the world!
Every body’s gonna COOP COOP!

I don’t know what it means. But it makes me think “yeah, I am gonna COOP the world” and so I do. I go outside, I try to get excited over the small things, and I try to chase crickets.

To anyone who still needs convincing why a dog is the best motivator, and best friend you could have, come celebrate the little guy’s birthday today. It’s going to be quite the pawty!

(PS. Geoff read this and was worried about people knowing about his “firery number one hit”, the “bust out banger” he was gonna “drop this fall”. I’ve assured him no one will steal his song, and it will be an even bigger hit when they hear it in person)

Cooper was adopted him from ARF Ontario, https://www.facebook.com/ARF.Ontario/?fref=ts,
and there are tons of other adoption sites around that you can support either by donating time, money, food, toys, or fostering. Rescuing/fostering changes not only a furry friend’s life, but maybe even your own. 🙂

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