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Today I want to say a few words about a band that we’ve all had on our minds, in our ears and close to our hearts for (at the very least) the last few months.

I was born in Kingston and grew up surrounded by Hip fans. I have walked down The Tragically Hip Way many times on my way to concerts at the K-Rock Centre. During the “Man Machine Poem Tour” I was floored by the love and respect Canadians have shown for Gord, Paul, Rob, [bassist] Gord & Johnny. On Saturday night the entire country was united over three hours of music and it was fucking beautiful, whether you knew every word to every song or simply grew up with their music in the background. I teared up watching this quirky dude from Amherstview and his bandmates perform in the heart of their city, not only because it was sad, but because it was powerful. The power of music never ceases to amaze me.

So I dedicate this blog to The Tragically Hip. For the eleven million people who watched the live stream on CBC, to the one person listening to Up to Here in their car. To the poetry and legacy of their music. This has truly been a summer to be proud to be Canadian.

Please enjoy some [mostly] female artists covering Hip songs:







Thanks for tuning in.

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