Did you know…

That I have a pretty impressive repertoire of appetizer recipes up my sleeve?

Meet my mother for five seconds and you’ll see why. I think maybe the thing that makes her happiest in the whole world (aside from my smiling face, of course) is feeding people. My mom loves to entertain, mostly because she loves to cook, and there’s no doubt she’s passed that on to me. She’s also endowed me with a love for eating, which, unlike myself, she knows how to control… but today that’s neither here nor there. At least until breakfast. Is it breakfast time yet?

We had our first Wives Tales meeting last week and are excitedly prepping for another tomorrow. It went even better than our production team imagined (and I won’t lie, we had high hopes). We’re thrilled for what’s to come. The five ladies who’ve signed on for this first phase of our experiment are all honest, inspiring people, ranging in age and marital experience. Also, everyone understands that we are not only using bits and pieces of their stories and perspectives as inspiration for a play, but that they are the roots of a community we’re hoping to build. And let me tell you — this team of five is a kickass foundation.

The title of this post is Food Not For Thought, though, because all I really wanted to do was share a recipe with you. Rambling on was not my intention, but here you have my brain. Take note. If ever I warn you that a post WILL be long, run.

nachodipAnyway, this classic nacho dip was one of the snacks I made for the ladies last week. It’s something I’m sure you’ve seen before in one form or another, but the secret to this version is that I make my own salsa. The reason is actually because I hate onions so I don’t eat jarred salsa, but I swear this one’s better anyway. Isn’t that true of anything you make from scratch?

Making the salsa is easy — you need:

4 roma tomatoes
cilantro (1 package or 1 bunch is plenty)
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
juice of 1/2 a lime
7 pickled jalepenos (the sliced ones in a jar)

Put all of that into a food processor and give it a few pulses, until it is your desired consistency. Obviously the less you pulse, the chunkier it is. I’ve used fresh jalepeno before, but it’s tough to get that spice right. The pickled ones are less punch-packing, and although 7 may seem a lot, it makes for a mild salsa. If you like spicy, add 10-12. Also I don’t know exactly how much cilantro I put in — just enough full bunches to cover the top of the processor.

After you have your salsa all made, mix:

1 brick of cream cheese (I used light) with
4 heaping tablespoons of sour cream (I used light)

Combine the dairy until there are no lumps. I just used a spoon because I had nowhere else to be… but if you’re looking to cut time I’m sure you can use a mixer or something of the sort.

Then you layer!

Pick a dish — the deeper the dish the higher your layers will be — spread out the entire cream cheese mix, and then directly on top, spread out your fresh salsa. I think I only used about 3/4 of the salsa the above recipe makes. Maybe even 1/2. Whatever your preference. Typically, I think the salsa layer is thinner than the dairy layer. But you do you, girlfriend.

Top your masterpiece off with some shredded cheese, and voila. The dish tastes best if you chill it in the fridge for a while — I made ours the night before our meeting — but again, you’re your own person, do what you want!

Happy Wednesday!


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