MAN — a human being of either sex; a person.

Men to 10

Men to 10 is an exploration of what it means to be a teenage girl in 2017.

As a female-identified human, what is it like to begin to carve out a space for yourself in today’s society? Girls are in the middle of the next wave of conversation happening about gender equity and equality, and while of course that’s progress, it’s also chaos. Or is it?

What kinds of experiences do 13-18-year-old girls have in a society where the principal form of communication is digital, Kylie Jenner’s lips are as expected as Malala Yousafzai’s nerve, and Donald Trump is the President of the United States? Most intriguing to us: what are young women today hearing and seeing from the men in their lives? What sticks out? What remains?

Men to 10 questions notions of validation, complicity and the male gaze. In the same vein as all of our work, (Wives TalesThis Place I Call Home) this project is a sort of experiment that begins with a live research phase.

The 10:
A diverse group of young women from the Waterloo Region.

The Process:
A number of meetings helmed by Lara Gordon and Nicole Smith; centred on different themes; culminating in the collaborative creation of a verbatim script based on what the 10 have heard/observed/experienced from various men.

The Men:
The performers of the script; everyday men — not actors, but stay-at-home-fathers, factory workers, business CEOs and teachers; volunteers from the community willing to perform for the 10 what they have created.

The earliest phases of this project’s development have been generously funded by The Ontario Arts Council, Carousel Players and mammalian diving reflex.

The very first stage of this work involves a questionnaire, to be completed anonymously by any female-identified youth (aged 13-18). To answer this questionnaire or share it with someone you know, follow this link.