✨ A writer all-nighter

MoonwritingOpen to 10 female-identified creative writers whose days are too jam-packed with other responsibilities to focus on their craft.

Come pull an all-nighter with other writers and participate in a full moon of prompts, tea, chats, candlelight, music, comfy chairs, pillows and blankets, a starry stroll, and most importantly, time and space to focus.

Come with a current project, a new idea or just an open brain and a blank page.

This is not a class or a workshop — it is a 12 hour, overnight retreat. Everything offered is optional. Open to creative writers of all types and ages.

There is a small participation fee in exchange for a comfy location, group facilitation, unlimited snacks, warm drinks, cozy ambience and breakfast.

9pm-9am. The mini-getaway culminates in a yummy toast of toast to a complete night of solid creativity.

Stay tuned for dates and details re: our next Moonwriting session!


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