It’s not an exaggeration to say that three things I love more than anything are reading, writing and theatre. Anything that combines all three is guaranteed happy-making, A++, yes please where-do-I-sign-up?

When I first heard the concept for Wives Tales and Sonderlust (which were, at that time, called Wives Tales and “maybe-some-kind-of-collective-I-don’t-know-I’ll-think-of-that-later”) I was super excited because not only did it have bits of all my three favourite things, it also included my fourth favourite thing: telling stories. Stories that need to be told, have never been told, have been told lots of times by all different people, just stories. I mean, the first three favourite things pretty much exist to facilitate the telling of stories, that’s their point.

And my point, which I’m coming to in a round-about sort of way, is that I’m super excited to be here heading up the Friday Reads column and sharing some of my favourite stories with all of you.

Meg  Meg

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