HOME — the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household; an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.

This Place I Call Home


TPICH, 2017

✨ (in development)

This Place I Call Home (TPICH) follows the same template as Sonderlust’s first project, Wives Tales — beginning with meetings conducted with women from the community, followed by a stage of workshops and intensives, and eventually culminating in a theatre piece based upon the initial meetings. This “live research” process, as we refer to it, is a tenant of our work.

By exploring the idea of “home” and what that means for different women, our goal through this piece is to create a fully immersive performance that surrounds viewers with fragments of the female psyche, revealing a mind’s representation of a physical space. TPICH is an interdisciplinary exploration that will use movement, sound, media and visual art installation to transport the audience into a world inspired by a diverse group of women’s experiences of home.

Co-created by Hannah Briggs & Nicole Smith
Designed by Sarah Dennison
Inspired by & based upon the stories and experiences of Mamito Kukwikila, Nancy Perry, Meagan Santos, Jennie Egerdie, Chantale Pomerleau, Intisar Awisse, Sara Dunbar and Zina Bibonovic.

Supported by The Ontario Arts Council, Canadian Stage, Pat the Dog Theatre Creation and Suitcase in Point.

Home is something that is universal and, in the same breath, so unique to each and every person. Every person experiences space differently – the same space can have different connotations for each individual, but I think there is something interesting about the way we can all relate to how each of us interacts with the space around us. Is a room just a space that you happen to live in? Or is a room the sum of all your experiences that took place there? I love the idea that one experience can change how you look at a space – it can alter it forever – in a good or a bad way. It’s interesting to think about the difference between what a space physically IS vs. what that space represents in someone’s mind, what stories lie there and what that space can tell us about the intricate person that lives in it. — Hannah Briggs

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