Guys, did you know that happy girls are the prettiest?………

Yeah, me neither. But my Facebook page and Pinterest boards tell me it’s true. I see it every time I search for motivation Monday ideas. I honestly have no problem with people adopting different mantras into their life. As I said in a previous post, one of my mantras is “good for her, not for me” (thanks Amy Poehler!). So when I see people sharing different motivational quotes pasted on photos of sunsets, I try not to judge. Good for her, not for me. This one though, “happy girls are the prettiest” really doesn’t sit well with me.

If it’s true, and if all the women who read this quotation really believe it, it means myself and a lot of other girls are not pretty. It also carries the connotation that being “pretty” is something to aspire to. But I won’t touch that one. I just want to focus on the first issue — that being happy makes you prettier than others.

Smiling does make you glow and make you seem more approachable to others. Being happy definitely feels better than other emotions. I think we should all aspire to be happy. Going on Pinterest and finding different sayings to motivate you to be happy is great! But to exclude entire groups of people who may not always be happy by basically telling them “you’re not attractive” is not something I find very motivating.

Some of the days I feel happiest are days where I’m not worried about my appearance at all. All I am worried about is how I feel inside. I don’t understand why your feelings have to have a direct correlation to your appearance. If I did believe this quotation was true, then I don’t know how I would feel if one day I woke up and wasn’t happy. Do the women who find motivation in this quotation come down super hard on themselves when they aren’t happy? Do they sit in their rooms at night crying because they think they were ugly that day? Maybe. Maybe not. I really don’t know. I do know that not everyone who likes this quotation takes it as gospel truth. And I’m not trying to be picky and tear down something that “doesn’t matter” when there are bigger issues in the world. But what if this was a big issue.

What if I told you that eating disorders are a daily struggle for 10 million women and 1 million men in the United States. What if I told you that 15 million Americans generally don’t feel happy because they suffer from depression. And what if I told you that between 5-7 million people in the U.S. Suffer from body dismorphic disorder. Would that make sayings like “happy girls are prettiest” seem like more of a problem?

I personally suffer from a long list of mental conditions that make me feel not so happy some days, and absolutely thrilled to be alive others. I guess I’m only pretty and attractive to the world on the days where I’m feeling happy. Even if those happy days will ultimately lead to a really ugly crash later that night. But we don’t like to talk about that. We just like to focus on how pretty I am when I’m happy. Right?

There are tons of motivational quotes that are truly inspiring. Some of them I can’t identify with, but that’s fine. This one I can’t identify with at all, but I have a really hard time saying it’s fine. Especially knowing the statistics above. I would urge you to think about being inspired by some other words. I don’t know how to make these motivating images, but I assume they are pretty simple. So if anyone out there knows how, I would love if you could take this quote and paste it on a pretty picture for people to pin instead:

All girls, happy, sad, worried, proud, or anything in between, are doing the best they can, and for that they are beautiful.

Thanks in advance,
Lara (a girl who is not always happy, but not outwardly defined by that)

Lara-360 Lara

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