September has arrived! The beginning of September almost feels more like the start of a new year than January 1st. The air begins to crisp, and there’s a fresh feeling all around, with the smell of falling leaves, cool evenings with the windows open, the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones; It’s like you can start fresh and wash away all of the sweat and laziness of the hot hot summer days. September means back to school for a lot of people, young and old. And even for those whose school days are but a distant memory, the beginning of September still leaves that lingering feeling of the start of something new. (a-la high school musical)

So for those of you who are excited, and even those who are dreading the beginning of the school year, how can you optimize the buzzing feeling you have right now and keep it going long after the novelty of falling leaves and pumpkin spice everything wears off? Well, you could read on below to see some of my favorite “life hacks” for staying motivated, or you could get into your coziest flannels and hibernate your life away. I’m not here to tell you what to do. Or am I?

Lara’s Life-Long List for Living a Likable Life

Whether you’re in school or not, staying organized is SO important to staying motivated.

  • Lay out your clothes the night before!
    Just like mom used to do for you. The alternative is realizing you have nothing clean that matches your skirt 5 minutes before heading out the door.
  • Speaking of the night before…Make your lunch!
    You’re already making dinner, why not make a lunch for the next day too? C’mon, you KNOW you aren’t going to actually do it in the morning.
  • Make A List
    What needs done TODAY. Prioritize and write it down accordingly.

Use your phone Smart!
We have supercomputers in the palm of our hands, why not use them for something other than instagram?

  • 30/30 app
    It’s a task manager app that’s insanely customizable and life saving. You can colour code, set timers to each task, alarms, you name it! It will keep you on top of things. I swear there are spies that follow me and stole this idea from my brain.
  • Photos
    If you’re in school and have a new schedule, take a screen-shot of it and set it to your lock screen. This way every time you need to check a time or location for a class it’s right there. Also you’re probably staring at it all the time anyways

Don’t procrastinate, Accelerate!
Whether you’re studying or trying to complete work on time, its really easy to put things off…until now!

  • Chrome Nanny
    This is an app for your actual computer. You set a time limit and after said time Chrome nanny will block certain websites, and remind you that you have work to be done! Just like Nanny McPhee


  • Pomodoro
    Work smarter, not harder! The pomodoro method breaks work into chunks. Set a timer for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. On your 4th break take a longer 30 minute break. Wash rinse repeat.
  • Distractions
    Turn off the TV, set your phone aside, have only what you need in front of you. If an idea pops into your head while you are working, write it down on a sticky note, then get right back to work. The idea will be there when you take your break.

Remember to have fun!

  • Music
    Create playlists for different activities. In the morning, something upbeat to get you going, in the evening while you work something mellow without lyrics. My challenge for you is to complete your entire shower before this song finishes:

  • Pretty Supplies are the Happiest
    Use different coloured pens to keep you engaged, file your homework in pretty folders, decorate your planner so you want to open it up and look inside, use that cool paper from staples with the vines along the border.

This may seem like a pretty extensive list, but a lot of it is really simple and overlaps other ideas. It really is worth it to help keep you sane once the shiny sparkle of September turns into the wet cold slush of November. And remember, in case of emergency when your day was total crap and the world is falling apart: file this list away in a pretty little folder, and take the night off to have a glass of wine and laugh with a good friend.

Lara-360 Lara

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