It’s been one week since we closed Wild Swans, and we are so grateful to each and every one of you who contributed to our debut as a collective.

Thank you to Pat the Dog Theatre Creation and the Women’s Work Festival – the script would not have evolved in the way it did without either organization. Not enough is said about proper play development, support from the seed of an idea all the way through to its first bloom, and through this process we have learned many things, but that might be the most vital. The importance of dramaturgy and collaboration.

Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Bernice Adams Memorial Bursary, both of whom funded this work in particular, and to the Ontario Arts Council and the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, who have supported us in other capacities. Thank you to the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre for the in-kind rehearsal space. Thank you to everyone who bought a t-shirt during our December fundraiser, and to everyone who purchased an ad in our program (Gowing Brothers, Blackwing Coffee Bar, Informal Upright Theatre Collective and King Tree Service) – every financial contribution to this show was absolutely necessary and absolutely appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you to each and every human who came to see the show! Some of you twice! It is because of you that we get to continue to make things. There’s no theatre without audience. Thank you for purchasing a ticket in support of local independent art – in support of jobs for artists, jobs for women. Thank you for your donations and your warm reception. Thank you for sitting on pews and bar stools instead of anything comfortable with (mostly) no complaints. Finally, a big special thank you goes out to Marty Lachance, who not only did in-kind media and archiving for the show, but also let us stage the thing in his house (and rehearse there, and live there)… to Monica Smith, who cooked mountains of meatballs (which were inhaled) and summits of soup (which were devoured)… and to Paul Briggs, who built a very tall, very sturdy bed in a very small, very ceramic hallway, in approximately 0.52 seconds.

We are all so grateful that this was Sonderlust’s first production. We are proud of our team, inspired by our leaders and encouraged by our community. After nearly three years, this feels like a beginning for us, and we are over the moon appreciative.

Thank you!!!!¬†Stay tuned for what’s next!
Love, the Sonderladies

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  1. Bernice Adams Awards February 5, 2019 at 2:32 pm


    What a success! thanks for mentioning us!

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