The Collective

The collective is composed of five trained artists and based in the Waterloo Region. Nicole Smith helms the collective as Artistic Producer and works closely with Lara Gordon, Sonderlust’s Theatre for Young People (TYP) Director. Beyond their organizational roles, Nicole and Lara are artists alongside Sarah Dennison, Hannah Briggs and Meg Underdown.


Hannah & Nicole in serious team meeting, 2017

Everyone works in different capacities on Sonderlust’s core projects and programming. En masse, members are trained writers, directors, producers, dancers, choreographers, designers, animators, singers, actors and improvisers.

If you are a theatre creator interested in promoting the work of women and their stories, as well as building an independent theatre scene in a community outside of a major city centre, check out what we’re up to. If it’s something you’d like to be up to too, drop us a line! We are always open to more Associate Artists with exciting ideas.


More on Us

Nicole Smith
Artistic Producer, Associate Artist
Wives Tales Verbatim, Wild Swans, The Women's Room, This Place I Call Home, Men to 10
I always do things the hard way, so it's lucky I have friends. I have approximately 5,342 ideas floating around my brain at any given time. Apparently my aura is purple.
Lara Gordon
TYP Director, Associate Artist
Wives Tales Verbatim, Wild Swans, Men to 10
If I could be any superhero, I would be Beyonce. I’ve never found a problem that a puppy couldn’t fix… or make worse. If I could give my 10-year-old self a piece of advice, it would be “brace yourself, life is unpredictable.”
Sarah Dennison
Associate Artist
Wives Tales Verbatim, Wild Swans, This Place I Call Home
I find inspiration in the simple, strange yet beautiful things in life (armadillos), I follow approximately 57 golden retrievers on Instagram and I spend a lot of time on photoshop.
Hannah Briggs McNeill
Associate Artist
Wives Tales Verbatim, This Place I Call Home
I like to play hooky from "real life" every chance I get to go do something better -- which usually means I do nothing and have the best time. I hate all kinds of peppers, ignorant people and losing at any type of game. If I were an animal, I think I'd be an elephant.
Meg Underdown
Associate Artist
I would probably be a best-selling author by now if I could just focus long enough on one project to finish. I cure the sads by belting show tunes in my car. A drinker of tea, hoarder of notebooks.