The Women’s Room

The Women’s Room is the first and only female playwright’s unit in the Waterloo Region. It is a collaboration between Pat the Dog Theatre Creation and Sonderlust.

Inspired by Wives Tales, The Women’s Room was created by PTD as a response to a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives that found the Waterloo Region to be the worst place in Canada to live & work as a woman. We believe that equal pay, safety, health, and education for women can only be achieved by valuing women’s needs, contributions, and stories.

2017/2018 Participants

Deanna Kruger
Jade Walker
Jen Hilborn
Tanya Apostolidis
Taylor Marie Graham
Terre Chartrand
Rochelle Richardson
Susan G. Acheson

2016/2017 Participants

Cassidy Hicks
Christina Hamid
Erika Reesor
Intisar Awisse
Jen Weatherall
Kira Meyers-Guiden
Natalie Jachimowicz

Now Announcing: Pop Up Women’s Room

Three pop-up sessions on writing and theatre creation. Open to any female-identified storyteller. Past participants included. No application required. Email to reserve your spot!