Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of Turntable Tuesday with DJ Sarah D!*

*Disclaimer: I am only a DJ in my wildest dreams where I have my own program on BBC Radio 1 and live in Elton John’s garden. In real life I am just someone [mildly] obsessed with music who is thrilled to have a forum to geek-out about it on a weekly basis.

Let’s start with a quote from one of my favourite movies about music:

“Music, you know, true music – not just rock n roll – it chooses you. It lives in your car, or alone listening to your headphones… with the cast scenic bridges and angelic choirs in your brain. It’s a place apart from the vast, benign lap of America.”

For those interested, here is the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED3mufU58bk

I’m not sure if Lester Bangs really said that or not, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have argued with it. Music is, hands down, my favourite thing about life.

When I was asked to write this blog, I said that I would have no trouble finding inspiration. I’ll be writing about the music that I like listening to and I have nearly 10,000 songs in my iPod. When I started scrolling for ideas, I realized something that didn’t surprise me, but made me even more interested in the idea of writing exclusively about women in music. A lot of my “go-to-favourite-bands/artists” are men. Almost all of the radio shows/podcasts/Youtube channels I follow are curated and hosted by men. The book I’m reading right now is written by the host of NPR’s All Songs Considered Bob Boilen who is (albeit a very cool one)… a dude.

That isn’t to say I’m going to have to go deep-searching for material, but it’s something I am happy to focus on. I am often floored by the misogyny that can exist in the world of music. I have left many record shops pissed off and wondering what century I just stepped out of. I have seen the “best [insert musical talent] of all time” lists that rarely feature female artists (or stick them in their own sub-list). I have read books by Kim Gordon, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde, Viv Albertine and Carrie Brownstein about the absolute bullshit they’ve put up with as female musicians- past and present. If I did the math, the percentage of female artists included in those aforementioned 10,000 songs would probably be disappointing and unacceptable. For all of these reasons, I devote this blog to WOMEN WHO ROCK!

Enough of my rambling. This blog is about music, so let’s get to that.

This week, I have been really into the Volume 3 soundtrack of HBO’s Girls. This compilation features lots of kick-ass female artists, including: Grimes, St. Vincent, DeJ Loaf, an absolutely brilliant cover of Jessica Simpson’s ‘With You’ by Waxahatchee and a chilling rendition of Bowie’s Life on Mars by AURORA.

Stream the [partial] Spotify playlist here: https://play.spotify.com/user/girlshbo/playlist/2daZvFdSOlHjAxbFPkY8Zq

Speaking of St. Vincent [Annie Clark]…

Thanks for tuning in!

Sarah-360 Sarah

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