Hello lovely readers! Congratulations on making it to Wednesday. You are officially one step closer to the weekend.

The column I have given myself to cover for this blog is called Wednesday Wisdom and is meant to enlighten you. I’d like to start each week off with the words “did you know…” and then tell you something that I know but you might not (which is also one of my favourite things to do outside the realms of this blog, warranted or not). And that’s basically all there is to how this will work. Oh, except for that I’m also going to try and keep my “did you know”s relevant to women and/or theatre. Because that’s kind of what we’re promoting. And as interesting as it is to know that “the oldest condoms ever found date back to the 1640s (they were found in a cesspit at Dudley Castle), and were made from animal and fish intestines,” or that “in 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead,” it’s not exactly pertinent to what we’re trying to do here.

Or IS it?

It’s not, but Buzzfeed can be great for learning new things such as the aforementioned condom and dead race-winner story, and speaking of websites, that is what I’d like to shine a light on today– some online people and resources that I love and think you will, too (if you don’t already).

So, welcome to Wednesday Wisdom! Did you know about:

  1. BROADLY: Broadly is an off-shoot of Vice magazine but centers on all things women. I think I retweet stories from Broadly almost everyday. It’s great because it shies away from nothing and questions almost everything. Here’s the latest piece I read on this site: Sexual Abuse Victim in Her Twenties Allowed Suicide by Doctors in Netherlands
  2. The Canadian Women’s Foundation: The only national foundation in Canada exclusively dedicated to giving women and girls a better life. They aim to stop violence against women, end poverty & empower girls. One of the best things to come out of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, I think, is this heartbreaking & motivating report on human trafficking from 2014 — still happening right here in our own backyards, folks.
  3. Reductress: This site is absolutely yes forever if you want to laugh… which if you don’t, who are you? Cool Ways To Sit Here And Die After Accidentally Liking His Pic From 79 Weeks Ago, 10 Beautiful Red Carpets You Can’t See Because Blake Lively Is In The Way & 5 Signs He’s Too Into You, Keeping In Mind He’s A Dog are some of the many articles you can peruse through thanks to the brainpower behind Reductress. It’s like The Onion, but pink.
  4. Elizabeth Gilbert: You probably know about Elizabeth Gilbert, and you probably know her as the author of Eat, Pray, Love. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love this lady. I love her outlook on life, and I love how she embraces the kind of granola/spiritual/love-yourself image attributed to her, while simultaneously kind of making fun of it. She’s perfectly self-deprecating, and her writing is the most motivating (Big Magic, her latest novel on fear & creativity, was actually the something that finally pushed me to get Sonderlust up and running — I truly think it’s a must read for ANYONE). I’m linking you to her facebook page because she frequents it regularly, and she’s FULL of Wednesday wisdom. (Sometimes every day of the week!) The community of women on this forum is also a really magical thing to see. Women supporting each other? Sign me up!
  5. Equity In Theatre: This an incredible initiative striving to “foster dialogue on an (inter)national scale, develop social actions that will help effect change, and generate greater awareness of and exposure to Canadian women in theatre, all the while drawing attention to the systemic discrimination that permeates the industry still.” Can we get more relevant than this? There’s great power at the helm of this project, and it is something that you absolutely must check out, particularly if you’re a theatre artist in Canada.
  6. Lenny Letter: Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner’s brainchild. These are the minds behind HBO’s Girls. Enough said.
  7. Fightmaster Yoga: Lesley Fightmaster is a kickass yoga teacher, who offers free classes online to anyone and everyone via her youtube channel. You can pretty much find a yoga class for any mood you’re in, and Lesley makes practicing accessible & fun. If yoga is your thing & you don’t know about Lesley, you’re welcome.

Have a great end of the week, peeps!

Nicole-360  Nicole

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