Hiya friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a proper blog post, and I know you’re all beyond-repair torn up about that, but I do hope you’ll accept my apology.

It has been a crazy summer! I don’t know about all three of you readers, but I’ve felt like the past few months have FLOWN by.

We’ve been very busy bees over here at Sonderlust, which we’re only grateful for. June and July were filled with some of the best, most interesting evenings I’ve had. Our Tuesday and Thursday chats with our Wives were pure inspiration. The women who so willingly took part in the first phase of our project were honest and open and real. They didn’t hesitate for a second to answer a question. They were equally as interested in listening to each other. They showed up excited and ready. They spoke profoundly about things without realizing it. They ate a lot of food and laughed a lot of laughs. They cheers-ed to great boobs and fist-bumped when someone made a good point. They were strangers who quickly became valued acquaintances, and individually as well as collectively, they ignited a spark.

wife handsI know I speak for Lara too when I say that to us, theatre is an exchange of stories. While the scheduling and theorizing and work that’s already going in to develop (and eventually direct) Sarah’s Wives Tales script is exciting – and the reason for the meetings in the first place – being in that room (the lovely, cozy offices of Pat The Dog PDC) with those women, watching them share their worlds with us and each other – was already theatre to us.

I know, right? Can you see the single tear dripping from my cheek???

Seriously though, it was nothing short of magic. Creation is about connection, I think, and watching this group unite – this group of wives whose ages ranged from 25-80 and marital experience from 5 years to 60… high school sweetheart to divorcee… promptly decided wedding to carefully planned arranged marriage – was the real point of our little experiment.

For all inquiring minds, the first draft of the script will be ready sometime within the next few weeks. After it goes through some dramaturgy, the plan is to have a workshop and a reading. All being well, you’ll be able to catch this show sometime next fall in the KW region – and hopefully a few other places before that, too. If you’re interested in taking part in the next phase of this project as an actor, keep your eyes peeled for an audition call, coming soon. If you’d like to be involved otherwise, or if you’re just looking for some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you haven’t gathered, we love talking about the ideas that go through our brains. Speaking of which, you’ll soon get to read all about our NEXT endeavours, which we’re equally as excited about. As I said, a crazy summer!

As always, thanks for keeping tabs on us. Your support is much appreciated.

Nicole-360 Nicole

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